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A New Year Poem – Parody of Tagore’s Poem | WETx PeaceNiketan | Shashi Mukherjee

A parody poem of Rabindranath Tagore's 'Where The Mind Is Without Fear' where I try to put forward a nihilistic approach towards the concept of 'new year bringing new changes and opportunities'. All done in good humor.


आज मुझे भाव दो ज़रा – Cry Of An Anti Hero Geek | WETx JayEnYou Delhi | Shashi Mukherjee

The anti-hero geek takes you on a journey of his rejections from women since childhood and tells you how he thinks that overnight success would one day guarantee him the power to harass women and avenge his life long sexual frustration.

My Complicated Relationship With North East India | WETx Aai Aai Tea G | Shashi Mukherjee

A reality check on the never ending 'not being on the same page problem' between North East India and the rest of it.

कहीं फिर से फ़क अप न हो जाए – A Personal Realization| WETx AaiAaiTea KayJeePea | Shashi Mukherjee

At an exclusive WETx event at the prestigious AaiAaiTea KayJeePea, Shashi talks about an intriguing incident that happened with his life few months back to enlighten the students with a thought-provoking question.

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